Type:                        CLUB MEETING
Date of Meeting:     January 9, 2016
Location:                 Greenbelt Community Center
Hosts:                      Richard Banks Sr, John Buchanan and John Anderson
Officers:                  Arthur Miller President, Ruthie Browning Treasurer, Veronica Adams Dive Coordinator, Ernie Franklin Safety Officer and Carlyn Cole Acting Secretary.
I.         The meeting was called to order by President Arthur Miller at 6:06 PM. He opened with a prayer.
II.       MINUTES: The minutes from the December 12, 2015 meeting were read. One addition was that Lenny was asked to leave the meeting.
III.    GUESTS: Rosa Riley from the Sports and Learning Center.
A.      TREASURER:                       Dues were collected.
B.      VICE PRESIDENT:             none
C.      DIVE COORDINATOR:     Veronica Adams is working on trips that cost $1000 or less. She is working with Frank Fennell.
D.      PRESIDENT:                         Arthur mentioned that we don’t have a vice president and that Carlyn would be acting secretary until one is elected. He also mentioned that members have come together to help Angelo’s family. If you wish to take dinner to the family contact Ruthie. Lora will send out the Sign-up Genius if you want to make a commitment.
E.      SECRETARY:                         Carlyn Cole (acting secretary) asked that if you have a change in your address or email that you send your changes to uassecretary. No report from the secretary.
F.     SAFETY OFFICER:              Ernie Franklin said that he is trying to secure a pool for checkout. He also said that we want to make the checkout more enticing. He also suggested that members continue to swim and get in shape for the upcoming dive season. He plans to send out information to members from DAN that can be useful for getting in shape.
G.      DIVE INSTRUCTOR:               Jay Haigler said he is working on a pool for intro to scuba and the open water class. This year he is working on changing things so the class ends earlier. He asked members to talk to their friends who are interested in learning to dive and suggest they take swimming lessons now, before the class begins.
Michael Slie asked how many people finished the 2015 class: Jay said that 15 started, 12 were consistent and that 6 finished. 3 have joined and the other 3 are interested.
H.     Dr. Jones  said that they are still looking for a short, inexpensive trip for the summer. He mentioned in the “Founder’s Message” about having a homecoming meeting. One will be planned for the 2nd meeting in February.
VI.    OLD BUSINESS:  Arthur reviewed the “Action Items” from the executive board meeting on Thursday, January 7.
1. We will send out a new members package to new members
2. We are planning a “Homecoming” meeting
3. We are working on the meeting host list
4. We want a continuous stream of programs for the meetings
5. Donald Strong asked about his daughter do checkout with the club. He also asked could we add a “youth” membership status to the membership category.
6. We discussed going to Lake Phoenix for checkout instead of the quarry
7. We viewed the new website. We need to insert the content that we want. Photographers will have the ability to add photos without a limit.
8. We discussed presenting the club budget earlier than March as stated in the bylaws.
9. The Christmas Party expenses were $3038.48 which was over budget by $536.48. The committee was seeking recommendations for next year. They want to get a committee together now and not wait. Michael Slie volunteered to be the chairman of the Christmas Party.
VII.  Announcements—Jay said that the dates for DWP/Marine Archeology this year are June 5-11 in Key Largo. Applications are on the website. Coral Reef Restoration is June 1-4; July 25-29 and Oct 5-8 in Key Largo, applications are on the website. He has two things to discuss: get your skills up because exciting things are happening—of the Sao Jose; the artifacts will be on display at the AAMHC. This is an excellent reason to participate in DWP. DWP was from and center at the Society for Historical Archeology. People came from all over the world to the symposium. The conference included the Smithsonian, SA, NOAA, and NPS. When Gayle’s drawings came up they wanted to know who did them. And we could proudly say a member of UAS. Also UAS has ownership of a tree that was planted during coral restoration. Ernie indicated that we need more individuals to work with coral restoration.
VIII.  50-50 collected $46.00. Arthur Miller won half.
IX.      The meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM.