Sandra Adams Byrd UAS Vice President


Sandra has received all of her training from Underwater Adventure Seekers (UAS): Open Water certification (2013), Advanced Open Certification (2015), and Rescue Diver certification 2016. Originally, Sandra began to train twenty years ago when she began a scuba diving class with her 12 year old son. However, Sandra’s travel schedule curtailed her completion of the class.

Twenty years later and never deterred, Sandra, with the assistance of UAS, has more than exceeded her original goals in scuba. An active member since she joined UAS in 2013, Sandra is always ready to assist in the mission, purpose and vision of the club. As the 2016 Vice President of UAS, Sandra’s overall goal is to assist in shaping UAS into the best scuba club that it can be.

Sandra has consistently improved her diving skills. After diving in beautiful and exotic areas of Honduras, Cozumel and Hawaii, Sandra realizes that this is only the beginning of many scuba diving adventures and the only way to become as capable and competent as the experienced divers of UAS is to dive, dive, dive! Sandra is committed to Increasing her knowledge and skills, and intends to become a DiveMaster and attain ALL of the specialty skills. Sandra’s hooked on scuba.