Hilliard Dean

UAS member since 1987

NAUI Scuba Diving Instructor

I am a native Washingtonian who has been diving since circa 1987. Back when you did not have the fancy dive gear of today. A scuba tank was attached to a backpack, your BCD was a horse collar design that went over your head around the neck and was strapped to your waist. No fancy dive skins for the Caribbean, only a T-shirt and swim trunks. I have logged over 600+ dives and have done all types of dives from Beach dives, wreck dives, deep dives, drift dives, night and Ice diving.

I worked as a professional diver employed by the Metropolitan Police Department Washington DC. I was assigned to their Marine Patrol Division and was trained to be a public safety diver. I later became a NAUI Diving Instructor, over seeing dive operations and safety for all public safety diving operations in DC waters. The types of dives are zero visibility, working in muddy water and sometimes-swift currents. Equipment used were various dry suits suited for the contaminated water. Auga full-faced mask, mark IV diving helmet surfaced supplied air. All of the dives the diver is tethered with wired communication to topside tender. Trained as a search and recovery diver and salvage diver I responded to calls for drowning’s or suicide victims, car wrecks into the Potomac River with victim inside or not. Recovery of guns and any other items of a crime thrown in the river by perpetrators of a crime.

I have participated in one Scuba diving Competition where Police divers and public safety divers compete for top diver. Participants demonstrate their ability to assemble dive gear quickly and dawn accurately. You would Demonstrate your Stamina to perform surface rescues, underwater rescues, quickly and safely. Timed underwater navigation course in low visibility environment with varying distances while maintaining a specific depth from each turn point which you have to show you were at that location before taking new heading. Blacked out mask to demonstrate search skills for locating and retrieving small specific items in a search gridded area. Boat handling skills while performing rescues.

My dive certifications held are PADI open water and advanced open water, NAUI Open water, salvage diver, search and recover diver, NAUI Instructor, Nitrox, O2 administrator PADI underwater photographer and videographer.

Favorite diving locations are  Indonesia and Thailand;Beautiful! Most exciting dive spot: Exhume keys Nassau, a spot called, “the washing machine.” Strong currents, Free port Bahamas for its shark feeding dives.

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