Ernie Franklin

Safety Officer of UAS

Safety Officer of the Underwater Adventure Seekers Scuba Diving Club (UAS). It was here in Washington that he had the opportunity to pursue a lifelong passion, scuba diving. Under the tutelage of Bruce Bradford, he began developing the skills and acquiring the knowledge needed to advance in the sport. First becoming an Open Water Diver in 1999, advanced in 2007, Recuse Diver in 2008, thanks to Alex Colvin and now PADI Assistance Instructor. Ernie is taking these skills to the next level. He has now become a certified NOAA scientific diver and a National Park Service “Blue Card” holder. These two certifications allow him to work with both agencies on dive missions involving archeological research, coral restoration and fish preservation.

Along with these certifications, Ernie is also a Red Cross water safety instructor (WSI), Safety Officer for the Underwater Adventure Seekers the largest and oldest African American Scuba Diving Club in the World!

He’s the Educational Coordinator for one of the only Youth Oriented Maritime Archaeological Programs in the United States; Diving With a Purpose (DWP) Maritime Archaeological Instructor.

During the cold months he’s a ski instructor to stay in shape till he can get back down south and into warm water.

Ernie also has a Masters Degree in Educational Technology and Leadership which he uses to train students and teachers in integrating technology into their curriculum.

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on Dec 03, 2015