My name is Earl Powell and I was born and raised in Washington DC. I received my official certification as an open water scuba diver in 2017, logging 65 dives in two years. I continued to expand my new found passion by obtaining additional certifications, including Master Scuba Diver. I received the “Scuba Diver of the Year” award in 2018 from the club. I travel with the UAS club to various destinations to include Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Fiji. My Occupation is a Printing Specialist with the Government Publishing Office.

My desire to continue to expand my skills and give back to the community led me to become a Lifeguard Instructor and Water Safety Instructor with the American Red Cross. In my years of experience, I have trained and taught hundreds of people to swim or become a lifeguard. Finally, I went on to receive my pool operating license from the DC Department of Health, which led me to supervise several pools across the city. In addition, I have my own business providing private swim instruction, where I continue to train both adults and children.

I have a desire to learn and share knowledge with others and my vision to be of service to advance the mission of the club. Furthermore, I enjoy participating actively in UAS club meetings, events and volunteer opportunities. I plan to continue my dive training and assist the instructor trainers during UAS classes in order to help others who want to become certified divers. My vision includes assisting with membership and various special projects, supporting retention efforts and supporting the club President.