Donald Strong UAS Dive Coordinator


Donald Strong was trained in Va. Beach, Virginia, and received his Open Water certifications from SSI in 1995. After moving to Maryland in 1998, Donald decided after 5 years to reach out to UAS dive club and decided to take the Open Water Class again but this time under PADI and became a member of UAS in 2003.

Donald helped with different events for the club and served on the Dive Calendar committee for a year. During that time, Donald worked on Advance Open Water and then Rescue Diver and other certifications such as Boat diver, Wreak Diver, First Response, Aquarium Diver and Master Scuba Diver in 2016 to name a few.

Since joining the club, Donald focused slowly on accruing dives and logging over 60 dives in such places as Cozumel, Nassau Va. Beach, North Carolina, South Carolina, Grenada, Live aboard in Belize, Epcot Center in Orlando, National Baltimore Aquarium, Key Largo, FL and of course our local water holes in the area.

While Donald liked each dive spot, on his buck list is the Spiegel Grove, USS Oriskany and to dive around the island where his grandmother’s family is from St. Kitts. In addition to gaining more diving experience, Donald plans to have his Dive Master’s certification by June 2017 and continue additional training throughout the years.

After obtaining Dive Master certification, Donald plans to help others obtain their dive goals and education and to help his young daughter who certified Open Water at the age of 14 and pursuing Youth Diving With A Purpose and Marine Science in school. In doing that Donald is devoted in the sport of recreational diving and in UAS for years to come.