Greetings Beloved Members of NABS!

In collaboration with the NABS Social Media Committee, the initiator of our “Saturday SCUBA Tips,” Aqua Corps has been and continues to offer Live Safety Tips on the last Saturday of each month. It is our intention that we model our STEP objectives (Safety, Training, Education, and Professionalism) for the benefit of our members. The Zoom link below is to be used to access the rest of the engagements throughout the year.

Topic: Aqua Corps “LIVE” Safety Tips

Subject:  Rescue Diver Course

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Indoor Pool Reopening Notice

DC DPR indoor pools will return to full capacity usage, accepting walk-ins with no reservations required on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.
Masks are required inside DPR buildings for all patrons over 2 years of age who are not swimming or engaging in vigorous exercise.

Worlds Largest Swimming Lesson

June 17th

Please join us and take part in this worldwide event created to raise awareness about the
importance of teaching children to swim. You can sign up for a lesson on line. Lessons are
being offered at 9:00, 10:00, 12 noon, 1:00, 5:00, and 6:00pm.
Free-swimming lessons the week of June 21st
Bowie State University is showing its commitment to teaching swimming lessons by
offering free swimming lessons.
  •  Come to the WLSL, take part in this worldwide event
  •  Sign up for the week of free-swimming lessons.
Learn more about this phenomenal event by visiting and contact Mark
Wascavage, the Aquatics Coordinator at Bowie State University at or call Mark at 301-860-4739 for more information.
Important registration information for June 17th
  • Contact Bowie State to register on the phone or use this link:
  • Each lesson is 45 minutes long
  • Each hour will have 2 groups
  • Each group will have an instructor and an aide
  • Each hour is limited to 16 people
  • Lessons are for beginner and intermediate swimmers of any age
  • The shallow end of our pool is 4 feet deep, small children may not be able to stand up
  • Everyone must wear a swimsuit while taking lessons
We are looking forward to you supporting Bowie State Aquatics and the WLSL event.
Please help us make it a huge success!

PADI Women’s Dive Day 2021: Celebrate the Connection Between Humanity and the Ocean

With the overwhelming support of the dive community over the last six years, PADI Women’s Dive Day has unquestionably grown into a worldwide celebration that brings everyone together to foster a global community that encourages divers of all genders, ages, backgrounds and experience levels to safely and confidently seek adventure and save the ocean. What began in 2015 as a way to encourage more female participation in the sport has evolved over the years, gaining traction across this industry with both males and females alike. Since it began, tens of thousands of new and experienced divers have taken part in more than 4,000 PADI® Women’s Dive Day events in over 100 countries around the world.

This year, we invite divers to join the global celebration on 17 July 2021 to help create balance between humanity and the ocean. PADI Members are encouraged to host an event – in person or virtually – that celebrates the diversity of the dive community and nurtures the connection between our communities and the waters where we dive.

Many places around the world are beginning to open for local business and even some limited travel, while other locations remain limited in activity. Whatever your situation, PADI Women’s Dive Day provides a unique opportunity to connect with your local dive community – whether its welcoming them back into the water with you or rallying your divers for a virtual event. Of course, safety guidelines should always be top of mind and best practices implemented.

For more information visit: PADI WOMEN DIVE DAY

The National Association of Black Scuba (NABS) divers has clubs in four regions within the United States, the western region, the mid-west region, the southern region, and the northeastern region. Each region is represented by a regional representative; the regional rep is the liaison between the club presidents and the NABS Executive Board.

 This page list their clubs below:

Aquatic Voyagers Scuba Club


West Palm Beach, FL – 2021 August 4 – 8

Welcome to Underwater Adventure Seekers

The Underwater Adventure Seekers (UAS) dive club is a first class organization of recreational and scientific divers dedicated to the principle of safe diving, physical fitness, community service, and environmental conservation.