Hello again UAS club member (past or present), NABS associate, or friend! 
The UAS 2021 Homecoming Event will be here this weekend (April 24th).

Please find attached an updated program for this ZOOM meeting. This event will be an opportunity to see old and new faces, and to reconnect as all families need to do.


Please make sure to reach out to anyone you know who should be part of this UAS event, and tell them to join us in the fun and celebration.

We have a full program scheduled including: important club information, entertainment, some fun activities, and of course the raffle!!   As part of what families do there will be short videos of us having fun together on our scuba trips. Just remember that what happens in Mexico doesn’t always stay in Mexico (ask Jay Haigler 😉!!!!)


We also have a short film that features a possible shark attack where UAS divers courageously thwarted the attempt and saved the day!!!! 
If there are any questions about the instructions for purchasing raffle tickets or any other item please contact a member of the committee. 
Debra Peterson (degullatt@gmail.com)
Michael Davenport (qstorm3@aol.com)

We look forward to seeing you there.

Until then, stay safe – UAS 2021 Homecoming Committee
Homecoming 2021 !!!
UAS Homecoming Raffle
·    Through the generous donation (cash, $800, and items) of a few wonderful club members there will be several items available for the raffle.
Ø  Three cash prizes of $50/$100/$200!! ($350 will be donated to the club)
Ø  The Complete Prestige Recordings, Sonny Rollins (Classical Jazz)
Ø  Painting of scuba related topic
Every person attending the ZOOM homecoming will be assigned one free raffle ticket.  Additional tickets can (and should) be purchased to increase your chances of winning a prize!!  Each Raffle ticket will cost $1 and six raffle tickets will cost $5. Prior to the raffle you will receive an email/text with your additional ticket numbers.  All money must be received by noon, 4/24!
Any additional monies collected will be donated to a NABS Youth diving program (Youth DWP or the next Youth Summit).
There will be a spreadsheet with all attendees/purchasers that will list their free raffle ticket number (and any additionally purchased numbers).  A random number generator app will be used to pick the numbers. If a free ticket is selected, then the person MUST be present to receive the prize (i.e. can’t sign into the meeting, get a free ticket, then leave and still win). Another number will be drawn for that prize.  If the winning ticket was purchased, then we will have the person’s information and they will still receive the prize.
Payment Methods:
(make sure to enter your NAME in the COMMENT section for each method)
Zelle – (202) 255-6181
Cash App – (202) 255-6181
Check Mailing – Debbie Peterson, 6807 Laurel Street, NW. Washington D.C.
Please contact a Homecoming Committee person if you have any questions:
·         Frank Fennell (frankfennelljr@hotmail.com),
·         Debra Peterson (degullatt@gmail.com)
·         Michael Davenport (qstorm3@aol.com) 

PADI Women’s Dive Day 2021: Celebrate the Connection Between Humanity and the Ocean


With the overwhelming support of the dive community over the last six years, PADI Women’s Dive Day has unquestionably grown into a worldwide celebration that brings everyone together to foster a global community that encourages divers of all genders, ages, backgrounds and experience levels to safely and confidently seek adventure and save the ocean. What began in 2015 as a way to encourage more female participation in the sport has evolved over the years, gaining traction across this industry with both males and females alike. Since it began, tens of thousands of new and experienced divers have taken part in more than 4,000 PADI® Women’s Dive Day events in over 100 countries around the world.

This year, we invite divers to join the global celebration on 17 July 2021 to help create balance between humanity and the ocean. PADI Members are encouraged to host an event – in person or virtually – that celebrates the diversity of the dive community and nurtures the connection between our communities and the waters where we dive.

Many places around the world are beginning to open for local business and even some limited travel, while other locations remain limited in activity. Whatever your situation, PADI Women’s Dive Day provides a unique opportunity to connect with your local dive community – whether its welcoming them back into the water with you or rallying your divers for a virtual event. Of course, safety guidelines should always be top of mind and best practices implemented.

For more information visit: PADI WOMEN DIVE DAY

Welcome to Underwater Adventure Seekers

The Underwater Adventure Seekers (UAS) dive club is a first class organization of recreational and scientific divers dedicated to the principle of safe diving, physical fitness, community service, and environmental conservation.